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Empowering Cancer Patients To Redesign Their Lives

Research Study's Bold Approach to Improving Quality of Life and Cancer-Related Complications

NEW YORK and PALO ALTO, Calif. and WASHINGTON, October 20, 2022

"Get your affairs in order" is one of the most dreaded phrases in any language. When Saranne Rothberg was diagnosed with stage IV cancer over two decades ago, she did not write her will. She decided to dramatically redesign her life with more joy and to set defined goals to "project manage" her survival. Rothberg is still cancer-free. In her latest study, The Cancer Health Coach Impact Study, she and her research team are investigating a bold patient empowerment model to improve the quality of life of each patient and reduce possible life-threatening cancer-related complications.

Rothberg details, "When I had aggressive cancer, I not only had to beat cancer, but I had to not die from cancer-related complications including malnutrition, infection, lack of oxygen, liver damage, excessive calcium, etc. Our Cancer Health Coach Impact Study is seeking patients living with stage IV cancer who would like to experience eight free, live, virtual, one-on-one weekly Certified Health Coaching sessions to help with their immediate physical, mental, nutritional, and/or environmental challenges that make self-care and daily activities difficult and overwhelming."

Patient Self-Care Goals:

  • Nutrition/Weight Management

  • Improved Sleep

  • Pain Management

  • Increased Joy/Laughter/Play

  • Improved Immune System

  • Gut Health/Bowels

  • Increased Movement

  • Stress Management

The Certified Health Coaching is spearheaded by Jacqui Bryan, RN, MS, WHE, CHC. "We are honored to collaborate with Jacqui, who is a Certified Health Coach, registered nurse, functional nutritionist, and a long-time cancer survivor," describes Dr. Claire Wheeler, the study's co-investigator, integrative MD, and psychologist with expertise in stress management.

Bryan explains, "I look forward to collaboratively designing each self-care plan. I will be tracking participant's individual healthcare goals and progress through a HIPPA-compliant management software and through quality of life and cancer coping tools."

Study funding has been granted to Rothberg's ComedyCures Foundation by The Willow Foundation USA. Willow's Founder, Leah Evert, is a stage IV cancer survivor. Evert remarked, "Saranne thinks about cancer research in a uniquely patient-centric way with affordable solutions that solve real problems for advanced cancer patients. Our recent ComedyCures collaboration, "The Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Study", had impressive results."

Rothberg launched The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 to entertain and educate fellow patients. 501(C)3 Not-For-Profit @ComedyCures

SOURCE The ComedyCures Foundation



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