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Saranne Rothberg brings joy, hope, and laughter to those who need it most. From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, Saranne Rothberg is a sought-after healthcare thought leader, speaker, patient advocate, and health and happiness expert. Saranne collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, leading medical centers, The World Health Organization, The United Nations, The National Cancer Institute, U.S. military, and many prestigious universities and non-profits. She creates innovative global wellness-related programming in all media formats, Saranne launched The ComedyCures Foundation ( from her chemo chair in 1999 and today is cancer-free, helping over one million people at over 1,900 live and digital events worldwide rediscover their funny bone, mojo, and purpose.

Saranne Rothberg
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Michele headlines at comedy clubs, corporate events, and major cruise lines. New York Post’s Cindy Adams declared Michele “Dynamite.” She was voted one of the “Top 10 Comics” by Backstage Magazine and The San Francisco Bay Times. Michele was one of the top 5 finalists on Last Comic Standing 4 and she has appeared on The Joy Behar Show, Comics Unleashed, Gotham Live, as well as the OUTlaugh and Just for Laughs festivals.

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Dr. Berk is a world-renowned researcher with 30 years of expertise as a pioneer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. He is regularly featured in the media regarding lifestyle, stress, laughter and immune response. Lee is the Associate Dean for Research Affairs in the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University. He is also Professor of Allied Health Studies and Director of the Clinical Molecular and Psychoneuroimmunology Research Laboratory in the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University.

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Dena Blizzard is a Facebook Live sensation on her page @onefunnymother. She gained notoriety as the “Target mom” from viral videos Back to School Rant (96 million views) and Chardonnay Go (24 million views). As a comedian and mother of three, she starred Off-Broadway in her one-woman show “One Funny Mother." Dena has served as the official host of the Miss America Pageant Preliminaries, co-hosted with Anderson Cooper, and hosted her own talk show on NJ 101.5 FM.

Karyn Buxman
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Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, author, neurohumorist, and pioneer in the field of applied humor. Karyn helps leaders achieve peak performance and optimum health through the art and science of applied humor. She has worked with more than 500 organizations—including NASA, the Mayo Clinic and the Million Dollar Round Table. Karyn is the Director and Co-Founder of The Humor Academy.

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Vladimir Caamaño  (Comedian)

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With the name “Vladimir,” few people expect a Dominican from The Bronx to take the stage. After his stand out performance at Just for Laughs (JFL) in 2015, Vlad entered into an NBC television development deal. Vlad was named one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch by Variety. He made his late-night standup debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Vlad has been seen on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Marvel’s Runaways, and Superstore and is currently developing other TV projects.

Bruce Cherry
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Bruce Cherry has been a ghostwriter and professional punch-up/editor/coach for over 20 years, providing comedic material for clients from business professionals to celebrities, to major national political figures. He has been a staff writer at Comedy Central, Air America Radio network, and many other media outlets. He polishes the work of others and also creates customized material.

Dr. Stubs aka Michael Christensen
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Michael Christensen is a pioneer in the field of medical clowning. As one of the Founders of The Big Apple Circus in 1977, Michael went on to originate The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in 1986. This groundbreaking program has inspired the integration of professional clowns into medical facilities worldwide. He also lectures and leads workshops for corporations and universities globally. Michael has won many humanitarian awards, including being designated as a New York City Living Landmark.

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Wali Collins has performed comedy for Presidents Bush and Obama and first lady, Michelle Obama. Besides his many corporate comedy performances for companies like PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and GameStop, Wali has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and, of course, Comedy Central. He has appeared in over 50 national and international television commercials. His latest endeavor, “WAIT. WHAT? with Wali” can be found on his YouTube Channel.

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Sara Contreras is a comedian, writer, producer, and radio personality. She is known for her award-nominated Showtime Special, The Original Latin Divas of Comedy. Sara has performed at many top comedy festivals. She has produced the critically acclaimed one-woman show “Lifelines” and she was also a creator/writer of a Latino animated series featured on Galavision. Her first screenplay, Searching for Sosie, is currently under consideration for a TV mini-series.

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You may know Tom Cotter from "America's Got Talent Champions,” or may have seen him on The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, his very own Comedy Central Presents...Tom Cotter, The Howard Stern Show, Comics Unleashed, multiple appearances on CBS’s The Late Late Show or as the Celebrity Host of Gotham Comedy Live on AXS-TV. Tom is also the author of “Bad Dad: A Guide to Pitiful Parenting.”

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Sherry Davey is a well-known comedian and comedy writer for many TV shows, including NickMom’s NickMom Nite Out and the official Funny Mom Blogger at NBC's Sherry also created, wrote, produced, and starred in her own digital series for NickMom entitled Real Housewives Of The PTA. She has appeared on Gotham Live, Standup in Stilettos, Search For The Funniest Mom in America, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Premium Blend, and The Today Show.

Michael J. DeStefano
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Michael J. DeStefano has 30 years of experience in the financial services marketplace. As a Client Serving Partner at EY, he has led teams serving several of EY’s largest clients including UBS, Bank of NY, BlackRock, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. In addition, he is the Global Alumni Leader for EY, engaging with 1,000,000 Alumni. Michael loves comedy and he uses humor in business and to help fundraise for his favorite non-profits.

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Al Ducharme  (Mon)

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Al Ducharme was deemed "very funny" by Simon Cowell and "one of my favorite comedians" by Heidi Klum on NBC's America's Got Talent. Al has performed at many leading comedy clubs. He is the voice of the breakout character Anthony, on Bill Burr's animated Netflix show, F is For Family. Al’s Podcast, Talking Dicks (detectives), is a spinoff of his comedy web series, and is available on all major platforms.

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Christian Finnegan (Comedian)

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Christian is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. He’s one of the original panelists on VH1’s Best Week Ever and has been a fixture on Comedy Central’s The Chappelle Show, his own half-hour special, Premium Blend, as well ComedyCentral Presents Christian Finnegan. He created and exec produced A&E’s "Black and White" and co-hosted with comedian Sherrod Small. Additional appearances have included Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Good Afternoon America, The Today Show and many others.

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D’yan Forest  (Thurs)

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D’yan Forest is a standup comedian, singer, cabaret artist, author, and an avid golfer. She has performed professionally since the 1960’s with regular performances of her cabaret and solo-shows in New York, Paris and more. Forest started performing standup in her 60’s (after 9/11) because she wanted to bring more laughter to the world. D’yan just published, “I Did It My Ways,” which follows her unconventional adventures around the globe.

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Karith Foster  (Tues)

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Karith Foster is a leading Diversity & Engagement Specialist, comedian, and author of the bestselling book “You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy.” She is the creator of INVERSITY™ and the TEDx Talk, The Art of Defying Stereotypes. Karith is a former co-host of Imus in the Morning and a regular TV commentator with appearances on Comedy Central, Oprah, VH-1, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, The View and two hit documentaries.

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Zarna Garg  (Wed)

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Zarna Garg is an Indian immigrant, mom, and lawyer turned New York comedian, award-winning screenwriter and TikTok star with more than 25 million views. She has performed standup at sold-out clubs across the country and headlined her own show at the famous Caroline’s. Notwithstanding the pandemic, Zarna has kept audiences laughing with online comedy shows (profiled in the New York Times) and impromptu sets outside major New York City landmarks.

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Kyle Grooms  (Thurs)

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Kyle Grooms is an award-winning veteran comedian who in 2019 suffered a seizure, which led to emergency brain surgery. In 2020, he released Kyle Grooms: Brain Humor, a standup special on Amazon Video which documented his ordeal and his miraculous return to stage. He has appeared on major comedy clubs around the world and on VH1, NBC, BET, CBS, HBO, and the famed Chappelle show.

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Dr. Earl R. Henslin  (Thurs)

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Dr. Earl R. Henslin is recognized as an international expert on the application of neuroscience to daily clinical treatment of depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, addictions, as well as individual, marital, and family issues. He has authored 10 books, including “This is Your Brain on Joy” and “This is Your Brain in Love” which reflect the past 25 years of using SPECT Scans and MRI’s to develop treatment strategies to help with the above-mentioned issues.

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Cory Kahaney (Comedian)

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Cory was a grand finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing. She's appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The David Letterman Show. Other TV credits include: Conan, The View and This Week at the Comedy Cellar. Recently, Cory presented a TEDx called The Joke that Saved my Life!, now available on YouTube.

Dr. Madan Kataria, MD

Dr. Madan Kataria, MD  (Fri)

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Dr. Madan Kataria is a medical doctor from Mumbai and originator and Co-Founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement which he started in a public park in Mumbai 1995. His vision has since grown into a worldwide revolution of more than 6,000 Laughter Yoga clubs in over 60 countries. Madan is frequently featured in the media. The London Times calls him the “Guru of Giggling.”

Klein bio.png

Allen Klein  (Tues)

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Allen Klein, MA, aka Mr. Jollyologist, shows audiences worldwide how to use humor to deal with changes, challenges, and stressful situations. He is the author of 15 books including, The Healing Power of Humor, The Courage to Laugh, The Lift-Your-Spirits Quote Book and The Awe Factor. Allen has won many awards including Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award and he is a Hall of Fame recipient from Hunter College.

Maureen Langan.png

Maureen Langan  (Comedian)

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Maureen Langan is an international standup comedian, award-winning broadcaster, documentarian, and corporate event host. Her Tedx Talk and one-woman show have received rave reviews. Presently, she hosts Hanging with Langan, a talk show featured on many outlets.  Maureen has performed on Broadway with Rosie O’Donnell and has opened for Gladys Knight, Steven Wright, Dennis Miller, Joy Behar, and Jordan Sparks. Her television appearances include Gotham Live, HBO, Red Eye, MSNBC, CBS, and Comics Unleashed.

Ian Lara.png

Ian Lara  (Comedian)

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Ian Lara is one of the hottest rising comics in New York City. Ian made his late-night debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and an appearance on Bringing the Funny. He was a regular player on This Week at The Comedy Cellar on Comedy Central and you can catch his short special, LA Meets NY, streaming on HBOMax. Last year he taped Comedy Central’s Stand-up Featuring which has garnered over 10 million views.

Kerri Louise.png

Kerri Louise  (Mon)

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Kerri Louise is a high-energy comedian who made it to the finals of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Her performances prompted The Women’s Entertainment Network to make her the star of the reality show called “Two Funny.” Kerri was a regular correspondent on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Kerri’s appearances include the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, the Montreal Comedy Festival, Comics Unleashed, Access Hollywood, The View, Comedy Central, 20/20, Showtime and many major comedy clubs.

Teena Miller.png

Teena Miller  (Fri)

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Teena Miller is a seasoned Laughter Yoga Teacher, trained by Dr. Madan Kataria, MD to train Yoga Laugher Leaders. She loves sharing her journey through laughter with the world. Teena is a three-time cancer survivor. Once honored by the American Cancer Society as their California Hero of Hope. Teena’s Laughing Heart Connection Programs help Dialysis and Parkinson’s patients across the country.

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Chris Monty  (Comedian)

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Chris has fans worldwide from his many TV, film, and stand-up appearances. His latest high-profile projects include his stand-up comedy special titled, What’s the Worst That Could Happen on Amazon Prime and his Drybar comedy special titled, Just Be Happy, releasing in Summer 2021. You have seen him in Vinyl, Red Oaks, Paul Bart: Mall Cop 2, Kevin Can Wait, and Orange is the New Black.

Dan Naturman2.png

Dan Naturman  (Comedian)

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Dan Naturman has appeared multiple times on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien as well as his own special, Comedy Central Presents... Dan had a starring run on NBC’s America's Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions where he received a standing ovation. Dan had a recurring role on HBO’s Crashing, and multiple appearances on Comedy Central’s This Week at The Comedy Cellar.

Osincup bio.png

Paul Osincup  (Fri)

  • LinkedIn

Paul Osincup is a national speaker, consultant, trainer, humorist and AATH President. Paul has spoken to hundreds of organizations including Nasdaq, Cisco, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Leadership. His TEDx Talk, Leading with Laughter, has been viewed nearly 400,000 times. Using his expertise in leadership and levity Paul helps people create healthy workplace cultures by using fun, humor, and positivity as strategic management tools to decrease stress, build resilience, and prevent burnout.

Bernadette Pauley .png

Bernadette Pauley  (Mon)

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Bernadette Pauley is an award-winning comedian and event host, and was named The Best of New York City Live Comedy by The New York Post. A regular performer in headliner comedy clubs, she was featured in The Comic Strip Live documentary “Eat, Drink, Laugh” along with Chris Rock, Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld. Her credits include Gotham Comedy Live, Fox, HLN, CNBC, VH-1, and TBS. Bernadette has hosted many events for brands and charities, including St. Jude’s, Procter & Gamble, and Soho House.

RAHMAN email.png

Dr. Asif Rahman, MD  (Wed)

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Dr. Asif Rahman, MD is an Internal Medicine specialist and a Nephrologist in Charleston, West Virginia with over 46 years of experience. Dr. Rahman completed a residency at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. He currently practices at Kanawha Nephrology Inc. and is affiliated with Boone Memorial Hospital and CAMC General Hospital. Asif uses humor with his patients, colleagues and as a personal wellness strategy.

Louis Ramey.png

Louis Ramey  (Comedian)

  • LinkedIn

Louis Ramey is a comedy veteran, in-demand TV host and world traveler presently working on a show for The Travel Channel. You have seen him as a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC’s The View, NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly, TBS Presents A Very Funny Festival: Just For Laughs, and his own Comedy Central special. Students voted Louis "Campus Performer of the Year." He enjoys performing for The Armed Forces.

Talia Reese1.png

Talia Reese  (Comedian)

  • LinkedIn

Talia Reese performs at top clubs in New York City. The New York Post featured an article about Talia’s life and comedy entitled, "Orthodox Jewish comic finds balance between raunch and religion," calling Talia a "Hot Ticket." Newsday named her as a "rising star." Talia headlines at many fundraising and gala events. She is a contributor to Fox News and Sirius XM and her jokes are often mentioned in Cindy Adams’ legendary Page Six column.

SALTMAN email.png

Joyce Saltman, PhD  (Tues)

  • LinkedIn

Joyce Saltman, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University. She holds four graduate degrees in the fields of special education and counseling and chose to receive her doctoral degree at Columbia: Humor in Adult Learning. Her innovative teaching style led to the development of a graduate course entitled “The Enhancement of Learning Through Humor,” as well as a summer institute, Healing Education Laughter and Play (HELP).

Sara Schaefer Sara is a critically accla

Sara Schaefer (Comedian)

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Sara is a critically acclaimed stand up comedian, writer, and producer. She was the co-host of MTV’s late night show Nikki & Sara Live. She won two Emmy awards for her work at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She has written for numerous programs including The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, Comedy Central’s Problematic with Moshe Kasher and Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Sara’s web series Day Job was named one of 100 Best Web Series by TimeOut New York. Sara’s memoir Grand comes out on August 11 and is available for preorder now.

Steven M. Sultanoff, PhD

Steven M. Sultanoff, PhD  (Mon)

  • LinkedIn

Steven M. Sultanoff, PhD is a psychologist, professor (Pepperdine University), and internationally recognized expert on therapeutic humor. Known as a “Clinical Mirthologist” with over 35 years dedicated to therapeutic humor, he has authored many articles. Steve has appeared on “What’s Your Ailment!” with Maria Bamford, plus The Morning Show, STARZ, Lifetime, and PBS. He is quoted in Time, Prevention, USA Today, Forbes, Reader’s Digest and Men’s Health.

SPARKS bio.png

Rev. Susan Sparks  (Thurs)

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Rev. Susan Sparks is a trial lawyer turned comedian and minister. Her work with humor and spirituality has been featured in O Magazine, The New York Times, and on ABC, CNN, and CBS. She is a professional comedian touring nationally with a Rabbi and a Muslim Comic in the Laugh in Peace Tour. Susan is a TEDx speaker, an award-winning nationally syndicated columnist, a prolific author, and the twenty-year senior pastor of the historic Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City.

Andrew Tarvin

Andrew Tarvin  (Wed)

  • LinkedIn

Andrew Tarvin is the CEO of Humor That Works, a leadership development company that teaches professionals how to use humor to achieve better business results. He has partnered with top organizations–including IBM, the UN, and the FBI. A best-selling author, Andrew has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc, and FastCompany. His TEDx talk on the skill of humor has been viewed more than nine million times.


Elizabeth Catherine Usher, CLP  (Fri)

  • LinkedIn

Elizabeth Catherine Usher, CLP was born laughing! Her sense of humor and ability to look on the bright side has helped her overcome the effects of a rare and debilitating brain disease, a left-sided hemispherectomy, spinal fusion to correct scoliosis, and the loss of her right visual field. Beth is a motivational speaker who uses her story of resilience, gratitude, kindness, and humor to inspire other humans on their journey to a happier and more meaningful life.


Matt Weinstein  (Mon)

  • LinkedIn

Matt Weinstein is the nation’s foremost authority on the use of fun and humor in team building. Called “The Master of Playfulness” by PEOPLE Magazine and “America’s Pied Piper of Play” by The Houston Chronicle, Matt is the founder and “Emperor” of Playfair, Inc., an international consulting firm that presents more than 350 community-building events each year.


Dr. Steve Wilson  (Thurs)

  • LinkedIn

World Laughter Tour, Inc., is the brainchild of psychologist and self-proclaimed “Joyologist” Steve Wilson, who describes his role as “Cheerman of The Bored.” Over 7,000 people have completed his workshops in over 85 markets. You can join a WLT Laughter Club or become a Certified Laughter Leader. The WLT was officially launched in July of 1998 after Steve participated in the Juhu Beach Laughter Club at the Arabian seaside in Mumbai.

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Rick Younger (Comedian)

  • LinkedIn

Rick is a comedian, actor and singer. Rick created the role of Mr. Duvall, in Tina Fey's Mean Girls on Broadway, toured with the Broadway musical RENT and starred in Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Rick has also appeared in AXS TV'S Gotham Comedy Live and It's Showtime at the Apollo, as well as Tracy Morgan's The Last O.G., the Woody Allen Amazon Series, Crisis in Six Scenes, and films including: Ordinary World and Morning Glory.

Dr. Lee Berk
Dena Blizzard
Karyn Buxman
Bruce Cherry
Dr. Stubs aka Michael Christensen
Wali Collins
Sara Contreras
Tom Cotter
Sherry Davey
Michael J. DeStefano
Al Ducharme
D'yan Forest
Karith Foster
Zarna Garg
Kyle Grooms
Dr. Earl R. Henslin
Dr. Madan Kataria, MD
Allen Klein
Maureen Langan
Ian Lara
Kerri Louise
Teena Miller
Dan Naturman
Paul Osincup
Bernadette Pauley
Dr. Asif Rahman, MD
Chris Monty
Talia Reese
Steven M. Sultanoff, PhD
Joyce Saltman, PhD
Rev. Susan Sparks
Andrew Tarvin
Elizabeth Catherine Usher, CLP
Matt Weinstein
Dr. Steve Wilson

Alan Zweibel   (Mon)

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Alan Zweibel is an original SNL writer, a five-time Emmy Award and Tony Award-winning comedy writer, author, playwright, and screenwriter, who has also been honored with awards from the Writers Guild of America, the Television Critics Association, and many others. Among his most iconic work — It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm and several feature films. Alan is the author of 11 books including his latest, LAUGH LINES My Life Making Funny People Funnier. His new film, Here Today, releases May 7th and is based on his short story, The Prize. Alan co-wrote the screenplay with Billy Crystal, who also directs and stars alongside Tiffany Haddish.

Alan Zweibel
Michele Balan
Vladimir Caamano
Christian Finnegan
Cory Kahaney
Louis Ramey
Rick Younger
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