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ComedyCures Team of Experts & FAQs 

Host & Executive Producer Beating Cancer Daily

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Saranne launched The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 by throwing a “Chemo Comedy Party.” Today she is cancer-free, helping over one million people at live and digital events worldwide rediscover their funny bone, mojo, and purpose. From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, she is a sought-after healthcare thought leader, speaker, patient advocate, and health and happiness expert; speaking at the NIH/NCI, United Nations, World Health Organization, Harvard, Stanford, NCSD, Komen, ACS, and more. She is regularly featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & PBS. In addition to creating The 5-Day ComedyCures Laughter Summit, Funday Sunday, JokeFest, The 31-Day Tumor Humor Challenge, and The ComedyCures LaughLine, Saranne has won many awards and grants and recently spearheaded two groundbreaking pilot cancer studies: The Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Research Study and The Cancer Health Coach Impact Study. She co-hosts a monthly ComedyCures Writers Room, with many top names in comedy, to explore humor in healthcare. As the host of the “Beating Cancer Daily” podcast and curator of the BCD Membership Circle, Saranne shares her transformative strategies, research findings, fun, practical tips, and comic insights to uplift and empower you to more easily navigate your treatment and survivorship.  @sarannelive @comedycures

Founding Co-Executive Producer Beating Cancer Daily


Widely recognized for his sculptures and public art installations, Will Ryman’s work is filled with an acute theatricality that harkens back to his early career as a playwright. Will is a dad, gourmet chef, and a cancer survivor who loves to laugh. His pivotal program grant to The ComedyCures Foundation, plus his encouragement that Saranne amplify her unique approach to cancer survivorship, allowed her to develop the Beating Cancer Daily podcast and Membership Circle.

D Health Builder Contributor

Jacqui is a nationally recognized Registered Nurse, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Whole Health Educator™, Certified Health Coach, and Functional Nutritionist. She holds a master’s degree in Health Communication from Tuft’s University School of Medicine and a master’s degree in Functional Nutrition from Parker University. Jacqui teamed up with Saranne as a co-investigator in their recent Cancer Health Coach Impact Study - results will be published in Spring 2023. Jacqui is a 20-year cancer survivor, and through Jacqui’s Beating Cancer Daily “Health Builders'' Series hosted by Saranne in the Membership Circle, Jacqui inspires you to harness your internal motivation for healthy behavior change by utilizing her unique cross-discipline approach and proven strategies. 

ComedyCures Research Advisor
BCD Newsletter Editor and Mind/Body Contributor

Kathy is a retired oncology Physician Assistant with over 40 years of clinical and research experience. She holds degrees from Cornell University in Microbiology and Emory University in Medical Science. Kathy has organized and facilitated many support groups, patient workshops, and staff educational seminars. Kathy shares her special interest in Mind/Body Medicine and Energy Medicine with our Beating Cancer Daily Membership Circle community.

DR. NEIL BERLINER, ComedyCures Comedy Writer-In-Residence
BCD Contributor

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Neil is an award-winning comedy writer and comedian who has worked with The New York Times, Comedy Central, Friars Club Roasts, The Howard Stern Show, MAD Magazine, and more. In early 2022, Neil was named the first Comedy-Writer-in-Residence for The Comedy Cures Foundation. He co-hosts a monthly Writers Room with Saranne, and many top names in comedy, to explore humor in healthcare. Neil is also a practicing medical doctor and the Medical Director of a large mental health agency in New York. With his unique perspective, Neil helps our BCD members rediscover their funny bones.

BCD Neuroscience Contributor

Katherine is the Co-Founder and CEO of Neolth, an award-winning digital mental health platform. Katherine made the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Education list. She has a BS in Art Therapy, MA in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience, specializing in Integrative and Behavioral Health. Katherine is a certified Advance Care Planning facilitator and has worked in oncology with patients and their families. She has also worked clinically in psychiatric care, conducting therapeutic art and mind-body sessions. Dr. Grill co-founded a mindfulness group in Washington, D.C. for adults with chronic illness, taught psychology at American University, and taught precision neuroscience at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. Katherine is a co-investigator in the ComedyCures Mindset and Metastatic Cancer Research Study and brings her expertise to our Beating Cancer Daily Membership Circle.

BCD Food Education Contributor

For over 30 years, Ellen has been crazy about sharing her culinary talent, knowledge, and practical, time-saving food prep techniques with others as a food educator and private chef. Ellen attended the Eastern School of Medicine in the United States and studied Japanese and Chinese healing modalities, including herbs and nutrition. She did a rotating internship at several hospitals in Beijing, China. Upon returning to America, Ellen trained for an additional two years with world-renowned ethnobotanist David Winston to get a well-rounded diagnostic herbal education. Her extensive training and passion for savory plant-based meals and herbs helped her beat advanced cancer. Ellen shares her wisdom of Chinese medicine diagnostics and her culinary passion in our Beating Cancer Daily Membership Circle.

BCD Movement & Yoga Contributor

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Sarrah is the creator of Damn Good Yoga and Co-Founder of A Damn Good Life. Former Broadway showgirl, and a fearless breast cancer survivor, her yoga has been described as “like seeing my therapist, a revival meeting, and a butt kicking workout, all wrapped together in one yoga class.” She has taught around the world for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and Google, most recently for Bloomingdales. While bald on chemo cancer treatment, Sarrah got engaged and now they have one little baby boy embryo to begin their surrogacy journey. Sarrah is passionate about bringing movement and surrogacy awareness to our BCD Membership members. 

ComedyCures Program Funds
BCD Member Donations

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Marcia started her career in Brazil as an architect, but she has a passion for numbers and our non-profit ComedyCures mission. She is a tri-lingual financial professional who helps acknowledge your donations to support Beating Cancer Daily, the BCD Membership Circle, and other ComedyCures programs.

ComedyCures Program Manager
BCD Newsletter Layout Editor

Lorena coordinates all online and digital ComedyCures programming and social media. ComedyCures has inspired her to write comedy in two languages and to perform at open mics in her free time. (Saranne predicts Lorena will become an accomplished comedy professional.) Lorena is excited to use her graphic design skills to bring joy and valuable information to the Beating Cancer Daily Membership Circle

Technical Partner

PNS provides podcast engineers and post-production services for Beating Cancer Daily. We are grateful for their expertise and dedication to the mission of Beating Cancer Daily. 


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