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Can A Sense of Humor Help Cancer Patients & Caregivers Cope Better?

A 31-Day 'Tumor Humor' Challenge Launches October 1 To Help You Develop Your Comic Perspective & Laugh At Your Cancer

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES and LONDON, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For anyone who has been touched by cancer, it is no laughing matter, or is it? To tickle funny bones in the chemo room, radiation, surgery, and even hospice, The ComedyCures Foundation and Founder Saranne Rothberg, a stage IV cancer survivor, are launching a free humorous month-long "Can We Laugh At Cancer Comedy Challenge?" on October 1st.

"We created this feel-good October comedy experience for patients, survivors, caregivers, researchers, and oncology teams in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month because research shows that finding the funny in one's cancer journey and developing a comic perspective are powerful stress management coping strategies." explains Rothberg who founded The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 and is still cancer-free.

ComedyCures suggests that in addition to laughing at their daily posts that you may want to:

  • Start a ComedyCures Humor Journal and document things that make you laugh and bring you joy - including favorite comics, funny friends, humorous shows

  • Write down your reaction to each daily 'Tumor Humor' post

  • Try to make each post funnier or more specific to you

  • Start recording the funny things that you hear and experience on your medical journey (as a patient or caregiver or staff) no matter how awkward or painful

  • Find a Humor Buddy and make a Daily Appointment to Laugh where you share humor (e.g., our ComedyCures posts, a cartoon, meme, gif, stand-up video, funny show, personal story)

  • Visit @ComedyCures on social media and share your humor with us

  • Call the free 24-hour ComedyCures LaughLine 1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha to hear professional comedy, an amateur joke or tell us a joke



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