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Celebrate National Humor Month This Year With The Mood-Elevating Event Of The Pandemic!

Join the ComedyCures Laughter Summit

NEW YORK, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dive into fun and fascinating topics with leading experts and hilarious comedians at The Inaugural 2021 Laughter Summit, a five-day virtual programming event featuring 15 inspiring live sessions presented by The ComedyCures Foundation.

Timed to April's National Humor Month, The 2021 Laughter Summit will be held 3-5:30 pm ET Monday, April 19 - Friday, April 23, 2021 and will bring laughter, comedy, and positive productivity into your personal and professional lives. Health and wellness, lifestyle, humor, and medical experts will share tips, techniques, and effective strategies to enhance your life, relationships, performance, and overall well-being.

Hosted by COVID-19 survivor and stage IV cancer warrior Saranne Rothberg, founder of The ComedyCures Foundation and a global humor and wellness thought leader, The Laughter Summit represents Rothberg's mission to use, share, and spread humor to find healing. More than 20 years ago, Rothberg was sitting in a chemo chair attached to an IV bag in NYC. She credits her comedic perspective as helping her beat both stage IV cancer and COVID-19. Now, through her foundation and with hundreds of comedians, she creates award-winning digital and live comedy experiences for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, frontline workers, military families, universities, and many other organizations.

"This April, I will be celebrating 22 years since I threw my first 'chemo comedy party' for my fellow patients, medical staff and myself. The world needs so much more joy and hope right now. So, in celebration of my milestone, I decided to create the feel-good event of the year online with 40 other funny and joy-filled experts," Rothberg said. "Through my own health battle, I found healing in comedy and joy, and it is my life goal to share the ComedyCures message with the world. And our first Laughter Summit event is sure to bring strategies of laughter, healing, and happiness to all of us who have experienced loss, and yet, survived one of the hardest years during a global pandemic."

Each day of the summit will kick-off with an uplifting greeting by Rothberg and then a quick dose of comedy delivered by a talented ComedyCures comedian, followed by three mini-master classes as well as additional comedy breaks interspersed throughout. Highlights of The 2021 Laughter Summit's scheduled programming includes:

  • "How to Think Funny Every Day!" with a surprise legendary comedy expert in dialogue with Saranne Rothberg;

  • "Enhancing Your Marriage with Humor, Laughter & Surprise" with Steve M. Sultanoff, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, mirthologist, & marriage therapist, and featuring comedy couples, including America's Got Talent Champion Tom Cotter & Kerri Louise and Al Ducharme & Bernadette Pauley;

  • "Unleashing Your Inner Clown at Home and Work" with Dr. Stubs aka Michael Christensen, co-founder of The Big Apple Circus, and father of Medical Clowning;

  • "Your Laughing Brain: The Latest Research & Q&A" with World-Renowned Researcher Dr. Lee Berk;

  • "Can We Still Joke Around? Using Humor As A Bridge, Not A Divider" with Karith Foster, diversity & engagement specialist, author, and comedian;

  • "Dynamic Networking & Team Building Through Play" with Playfair Emperor and Author of Managing to Have Fun Matt Weinstein;

  • "Caring for Self & Others: Recharging with Laughter & Play" with Allen Klein, jollytologist and author of The Healing Power of Humor;

  • "Your Brain on Joy" with Dr. Earl R. Henslin, pioneer in functional & neuro-psychotherapy and author, and Kyle Grooms, a comedian and star of "Brain Humor;"

  • "Funny Mothers Share Secrets for Engaging Millions of Viewers & Building Online Communities" with Dena Blizzard, comedian and 'One Funny Mother' Facebook & YouTube star, and Zarna Garg, comedian and 'Funny Brown Mom' global TikTok star;

  • "How to Laugh with Your Stress" with Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga Movement, and featuring Teena Miller, Laughter Yoga teacher and 3x cancer survivor, and Elizabeth Catherine Usher, Laughter Yoga leader and medical miracle;

  • "Funnier Speeches, Toasts, Tweets & Emails: Comedy Writer Shares Best Techniques" with Celebrity Ghostwriter Bruce Cherry, and much more!

The nearly three-dozen experts and thought leaders confirmed to teach riveting live online sessions which also include: Founder of The World Laughter Tour, Joyologist, and Psychologist Dr. Steve Wilson; octogenarian minstrel, and author D'yan Forest; founder of Humor That Works and Humor Engineer Andrew Tarvin; Dr. Asif Rahman, MD; EY Global Alumni Leader Michael J. DeStefano; Preacher, Comedian, Lawyer, and Author Rev. Susan Sparks; and, Humorist and Professor Joyce Saltman.

More than a dozen comedians are scheduled to perform mini comedy breaks throughout the summit, including Wali Collins, Sara Contreras, Tom Cotter, Sherry Davey, Al Ducharme, Karith Foster, Zarna Garg, Kyle Grooms, Ian Lara, Kerri Louise, Dan Naturman, Bernadette Pauley, Louis Ramey, and Talia Reese.

The summit welcomes anyone and everyone looking for laughter and learning, and is open for individuals, families, small businesses, and large corporations to attend. Tickets are on sale now, and admission options vary. A five-day General Admission pass is $35 before April 14, 2021, then $50 after. VIP packages, which include four bonus comedy events and recordings, start at $100 for Five-Day admission before April 14, then $125 after.

Thanks to a special grant from The Laughing Cow® brand, The ComedyCures Foundation is able to allocate a supply of free admission passes available for those experiencing economic hardship who would like to attend. These attendees should email The ComedyCures Foundation directly at

"We are thrilled to continue to inspire laughter to those who need it most with the help of our friends at The ComedyCures Foundation," said The Laughing Cow USA Senior Associate Brand Manager, Gildas Lair. "Sharing laughs is at the core of what is important to The Laughing Cow brand. After our joyous collaboration with ComedyCures earlier this year in honor of our 100 Year Anniversary, we are excited to help bring even more laughs and feel-good moments with their dynamic five-day ComedyCures Laughter Summit."

ComedyCures Founder and The 2021 Laughter Summit creator Rothberg added, "Because all of the experts and comedians are donating their time and talent, and The Laughing Cow contributed to ComedyCures in such a thoughtful way, we are able to bring this unprecedented joy-filled, five-day online experience to the world, removing the typical financial barriers for thought leader conferences of this magnitude."

Sponsorship packages are also available to help fund the costs of this non-profit summit, including a small business opportunity for $1,000. For more information, the complete schedule of events, and to register for the summit, visit

EVENT DETAILS The 2021 Laughter Summit 3-5:30 pm ET Monday, April 19-Friday, April 23, 2021 Tickets: Start at $35 for Five-Day General Admission (Early Bird Discount before 4/14/21) For more information:

ABOUT THE COMEDYCURES FOUNDATION Founded in 1999 by Saranne Rothberg from her chemo chair, The ComedyCures Foundation is an award-winning, non-profit organization that has impacted over one million people of all ages with the help of the world's funniest comedians through digital and live programming on four continents. It is an acclaimed non-profit organization that brings joy, hope, laughter, and therapeutic edu-tainment to patients, caregivers and those who need it most. Collaborating with medical centers, non-profit organizations, corporations, U.S. military, schools and media outlets, The ComedyCures Foundation brings feel-good comedy to help improve health outcomes, break down isolation, and build authentic connections among patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The ComedyCures Foundation is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization. Find out more about the organization or to make a tax-deductible donation go to Follow @comedycures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ABOUT SARANNE ROTHBERG From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, Saranne Rothberg is a sought-after healthcare thought leader, speaker, patient advocate, and health and happiness expert, and has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & PBS. Saranne collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, leading medical centers, The World Health Organization, The United Nations, The National Cancer Institute, U.S. military, and many prestigious universities and non-profits. She creates innovative global wellness-related programming in all media formats, collaborating with a myriad of healthcare professionals, thought leaders, researchers, and entertainers to start conversations, share ideas at healthcare conventions, stimulate research and find solutions across healthcare and many industries. She launched The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999 and today is cancer-free, helping over one million people at over 1,800 live and digital events worldwide rediscover their funny bone, mojo, and purpose. For more, visit, and follow @sarannelive on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ABOUT THE LAUGHING COW® Part of the Bel Brands USA family, The Laughing Cow® Spreadable Cheese Wedges, Blends, Cheese Dippers, and Go Cups are deliciously creamy snacks. The Laughing Cow® Cheese is one of the most popular brands manufactured by Bel Brands USA Inc., a subsidiary of Bel Group. Headquartered in Paris, Bel wants to promote healthier, responsible and accessible food for all consumers worldwide. Bel is a major player in the healthy fruit and dairy single-serving portion snacking. Bel produces more than thirty local and international brands that are sold in more than 130 countries around the globe. In addition to The Laughing Cow®, other USA favorites include Boursin®, Babybel® and popular cheese spreads marketing under Kaukauna®, Merkts® and Price*s® labels. Bel Brands delivers fun snacks to over 400 million consumers globally. Follow @thelaughingcowUSA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. #choosetolaugh

Press Contacts: Kourtney Jason, Pacific & Court Grace Lee, The ComedyCures Foundation 888-300-3990

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