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“Beating Cancer Daily'' is a unique bite-sized podcast for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. In just a few minutes each day, you'll get personal techniques to immediately build your resilience, boost your hopefulness, and spark your humor to significantly improve the quality of your day. Your host, Saranne Rothberg, is a globally recognized stage IV survivor, cancer mindset researcher, health and happiness expert, was named as Oprah’s “Hero” and is featured in “Radical Remission”.  Saranne founded from her chemo chair at her first treatment in 1999 while throwing a “Chemo Comedy Party” for all at her infusion center. To date, she has helped over one million people and is still cancer-free. By listening to “Beating Cancer Daily” a few minutes each day, you’ll learn Saranne’s transformative strategies and research findings, plus her fun, practical tips, and comic insights to uplift and empower you to better navigate your treatment and survivorship. Go to for more program info and comedy. This ComedyCures "Beating Cancer Daily" podcast is supported by donations from listeners like you. Disclaimer: “Beating Cancer Daily” is not in lieu of medical advice or treatment.

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