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20/20 Cancer-Free Vision

I'm curious, can you envision your life now without cancer? Do you remember what it was like not to have cancer? Not to be in this crazy situation? You may already know that I am a stage IV cancer survivor with no visible disease. During three surgeries, forty-four radiation treatments, two-plus years of chemo - seven drugs - and a terminal prognosis, I consciously focused on my life without cancer every day.

At first, I got really tripped up because hearing “you have cancer” is so scary and the logistics are so overwhelming. The process forces us to focus on cancer, cancer, cancer, morning, noon, and night. Quickly, I realized that I didn't wanna have cancer. And I did not want to focus on cancer beyond the basic treatment demands. So I actually made myself stop focusing on it.

It doesn't mean that I didn't do everything that I had to do medically. I just didn't let cancer be the epicenter of my brain, morning, noon, and night. As quickly as I could stop thinking about it on a daily, moment to moment basis, I did. Okay. So you're thinking, “How Saranne?”

Well, that is the entire point of this Beating Cancer Daily series. I do many strategies every day, even today, to beat cancer in my mind, body, and spirit. And here's one of the most powerful: I started envisioning a life without cancer. The taste, the touch, the smell, the vision, the feel of what it would be like to be cancer-free again.

And I architected it in my mind and on paper: “What my cancer-free life would look like.” And then day in and day out I envisioned that life, not the reality of what I was going through, but the life that I saw and wanted for myself.

So many hospitals and journalists say that my healing is miraculous. I personally believe that miracles can happen, but that's another episode. I meet survivors every month who are also walking miracles. I'm grateful that I'm getting to live the life that I was manifesting in my own mind during the years of aggressive cancer treatments from 1999 until the beginning of 2001.

So what I'd love for you to do is to get out a simple piece of paper or just sit at a computer and envision in a very multi-sensory way: “What does your cancer-free life smell like, taste like, look like, feel like, in every part of your mind, body, and spirit?”

Then I want you to write: “What does that ‘freedom’ feel like financially, socially, emotionally, educationally, spiritually, sexually, familially.” (I think I just made up that last word. Wait. No. No. Wait. I think it is a word. Laughter.) Oh, well, just don't forget to also envision your work-life, if you want to work.

What does your life post cancer look like? And then, that's where we're going to start focusing each day, each hour, each minute; on this new life.

If you wanna send me your vision of what your life without cancer looks like, I'll hold it for you. I would love to know what your cancer-free life looks like.

You can design it, redesign it, and then change it again any way you want. You may want the same life you had, or to create a brand new vision. “You are your own writer, your own director, and your own producer. So let's call: ‘Action! Start scene one of your new life.’ This is your life’s sequel right now!”

Let's send your new life vision throughout your mind, body, and spirit and short-circuit the “cancer chatter.” I cannot wait to read your vision and to help you visualize your miraculous life. Write it down. Think it, speak it, and dream your own well-being.

This is one of my favorite Beating Cancer Daily strategies that kept me living, even though I was on treatment, instead of dying with cancer after I was diagnosed. Because you can be living, even without cancer, and be dying in your own life. We all know what that feels like. So let's live our visualization. Enjoy making it.

Please come to and share your vision with me. Have a blessed day.

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