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Two Female Comedians Walk Into A Bar And Reveal Their Secrets To Powerful Communications

May 10, 2021

“Humor can disarm, enlighten and create connection…and connection is the highest form of communication that exists.”

These pearls of wisdom, offered by female comedian Karith Foster, are the secret sauce shared by women in comedy. The founder of Inversity Solutions believes the same skills that make female comics successful on stage can also help women everywhere be better communicators, no matter what the platform. And that’s no joke!

Here are a few great tips from some of the comedy world’s best female performers:

Have a dialogue, not a monologue. It’s important to “break down the wall” and have a conversation, not a presentation, says Dena Blizzard, comedian and founder of Ladies OUT LOUD. Before you present, learn a bit about your audience and incorporate some local flavor, agrees Saranne Rothberg. “I write additional material unique to each population…it helps me connect on a deeper level,” says the founder of ComedyCures. She also observes the audience, paying apt attention to body language. A joke, story or anecdote that works in New York City may not be appropriate in other parts of the world.

Comedian Karith Foster on stage


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