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Comedy Writer Alan Zweibel & Stage IV Cancer Survivor Saranne Rothberg Kick Off Laughter Summit

NEW YORK, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Alan Zweibel, an original SNL writer, and five-time Emmy Award and Tony Award-winning comedy writer, author, playwright, and screenwriter, will kick off The Inaugural 2021 Laughter Summit, a five-day, live, virtual event presented by The ComedyCures Foundation.

Zweibel will join Saranne Rothberg, founder of The ComedyCures Foundation, for The 2021 Laughter Summit's first online session "How To Think Funny Every Day" at 3 pm ET Monday, April 19.

Rothberg explained, "When I met Alan, we bonded over his deep connection with Gilda Radner and her cancer journey. I am honored he is helping me launch my Laughter Summit vision."

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