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Thanks to Saranne's March 18th & March 25th features on The Dr. Oz Show with Dr. Kelly Turner, Author/Researcher of "Radical Remission", we are expecting many new friends! Please email us at and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please give us all your best contact info and please sign up for our free, award-winning shows, teleseminars, newsletters and/or funny text messages from Saranne and our talented comedians. 

Saranne's miracle cancer journey is detailed in "Radical Remission". (On The New York Times Best Sellers List and the #1 Cancer Book & #1 Healing Book on Amazon!) To order "Radical Remission" please click on our Homepage's Amazon link. Thanks! If you need more info immediately to help a very ill family member, please email Saranne at and put URGENT MEDICAL in the subject. We will do our best to respond quickly.

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DONATIONS: If you would like to make a donation to The ComedyCures Foundation, please put DONATION in the subject or click on the DONATION link. 

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The ComedyCures Foundation tickles funny bones! We bring joy, laughter, and therapeutic humor programs to kids and grown-ups living with illness depression, trauma and disabilities. Through large & small scale therapeutic comedy programs, we entertain and educate patients, families and caregivers about the power of a comic perspective and the benefits of laughter and positive emotions on the body, mind, and spirit. "Yes, laughter is great medicine! 

The ComedyCures Foundation, a 501(c)3 human service organization, from her chemo chair in 1999 as an outgrowth of her personal experience with the healing power of a comic perspective.Today, Saranne is cancer-free and has connected with more than 1,000,000 people at more than 1,400 live events rediscover their funny bones through her motivational, inspirational, laughter-rich performances and unique therapeutic productions.  

Oprah features Saranne as her "Hero" in her book, "Live Your Best Life". CNN features Saranne as their expert on Happiness, Laughter, Hope & Health! She has also shared her expertise on NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS and in many major publications like The New York Times, O Magazine, Ladies Home Journal and more. Saranne has won major humanitarian awards and recognitions from New York City, Komen, Rotary, Hadassah, UJA, AOL, Yoplait, Mastercard, Volkswagon, and many more.

Saranne and her daughter, Lauriel, Co-Founders

Back in 1999, as a newly-diagnosed cancer patient, Saranne was greatly inspired by the writings of Norman Cousins, the pioneer of therapeutic humor. In 2007, Saranne had the honor of meeting three generations of the Cousins' family and sharing this therapeutic legacy.

Some other highlights of her incredible journey with ComedyCures include: Programs in hospitals, orphanages, shelters, camps for ill kids, senior homes, and military bases around the world. Saranne gave the first closing TEDx talk at The United Nations. In addition to also producing the first comedy event at The United Nations and teaching the first therapeutic humor workshop at The World Health Organization in Geneva, Saranne also hosted the first Mobile Health Conference for The First Ladies from around the world with The UN and WHO. Saranne has collaborated with The US Marines and and other military. She also produced and hosted the first therapeutic entertainment reunion on Broadway for the families impacted by September 11th with Rotary International.

Saranne created "ComedyCures' LaughingLunch Break" which was featured daily on 1010 Wins Radio, bringing family-friendly humor to millions each week with the talent of over 100 ComedyCures' comedians. She then went on to launch and host "ComedyCures' LaughTalk Radio" live each week on AM970 The Apple in NYC.

Saranne is a stage IV cancer survivor, with no visible disease, and a world-renowned mind/body and therapeutic humor/laughter expert. Saranne resides in Bergen County, New Jersey but travels worldwide for ComedyCures' programs. These award-winning programs are made possible by the hundreds of talented comedians and performers who collaborate with Saranne and our dedicated ComedyCures' staff.


Saranne is honored to have her story documented by Dr. Kelly Turner in this ground breaking book "Radical Remission" which ranked #10 of all hardcover books sold on Amazon on its first night, in addition to also ranking #1 in Self Help/Motivation, #1 in Cancer and #1 in Healing categories and debuting on The New York Times Best Sellers List after one week.

For a more complete bio, list of ComedyCures' collaborations, performers and media coverage please email info(at) or see our homepage by clicking on the logo above.

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